Much more than just an oil change!

Here at County Mazda, we place an emphasis on whole-vehicle health, not just the basics. Yes, our Maintenance Service includes an oil and filter change, but it also encompasses so much more. Our Mazda-trained technicians go down an extensive list of checks that covers all the important aspects of the safety and mechanical systems of your vehicle.

Starting with a perimeter inspection of the lights and windshield, the service department also checks for any open recalls, and determines the appropriate level of scheduled maintenance required for your individual vehicle’s needs.

Once in the service bay, the technician goes point by point under the hood, checking and topping up fluid levels, inspecting drive belts, horn/signals/lights, filters, then moves underneath the vehicle to check steering and suspension systems, the exhaust system, CV joints, and looks for any leaks or loose components.

At the four corners, the tires are thoroughly inspected for tread wear and proper inflation, and any recommendations for rotation, alignment, balancing, or replacement are noted. The brakes are checked for pad thickness, and rotor, caliper and brake line condition.

Back underhood, the battery is tested for health and appearance. Finally, a vehicle road test is performed to evaluate steering, braking, performance and ride quality.

Regular oil changes are vital to ensure your engine lasts as long as it should, but the engine oil system is just one small aspect of vehicle health. Preventative checks and maintenance to catch potential issues before they become more serious will save considerable time and money, and will extend the useful life of your vehicle investment.

If you are looking for a simple oil change, we can do that, but our service advisors will always recommend our Maintenance Service to cover whole-vehicle health. Your vehicle will thank you!

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